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Distribution Automation

Models and controls for distributed energy resources, microgrids and distribution systems

Argonne’s Advanced Power Grid Modeling group works on various projects related to Distribution Automation. Capabilities range from device-level control and modeling to system integration and impact analysis with high-penetration renewable energy sources. Research focuses on Distributed Energy Resources (DER) control and management, microgrids, operation and control of smart DER interface inverters and modeling and optimization of active distribution systems, among others.


  • Modeling, control, and optimization of microgrids and active distribution systems
  • Design and advanced testing of distributed DER controllers and microgrid controllers
  • Optimization of advanced Distribution Management System (DMS) by considering the increasing penetration of renewable energy sources
  • System impact analysis with the integration of multiple microgrids

We participate in multiple ongoing U.S. Department of Energy projects focusing on the implementation of Distribution Management Systems. The team also has extensive experience in working with industry manufacturers and utility companies to develop cutting-edge modeling, control and testing technologies for modern distribution systems. 

Related Projects 

  • Research, Development, and Testing of a Master Controller with Applications to the Bronzeville Community Microgrid System
  • Structuring DMS and Controller Interactive Demonstration
  • Interconnection, Integration and Interactive Impact Analysis of Microgrids and the Distribution Systems
  • Advanced Power System Research and Technologies: Resilient System Architecture, Virtual Test-bed and Integrated Volt/VAR Control