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Seminar | Mathematics and Computer Science Division

Accessibility of Science Beyond Content Accessibility

LANS Seminar

Abstract: This talk covers accessibility of science pipelines beyond content accessibility. Although much has been discussed on how to make digital content accessible for people with disabilities as end-users, little has been known about how to make science itself accessible from and to all abilities. Whereas the former approach frames accessibility as an ad hoc extension for consumers with disabilities, the latter opens the whole doors for knowledge producers of all abilities.

As an open-source contributor and scientist who is just blind, I will talk about accessibility as a part of scientific pipelines. I will share my experience and discuss the current status of science accessibility in three areas: computer programming; Math; and data science.

At the end of this talk, you will have the following takeaways: First, better understanding of accessible approaches to the three areas; second, paradigm shift from accessibility for disabilities” to accessibility for all abilities”; and third, the relationship between accessibility and reproducibility.

Bio: JooYoung Seo is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research topics involve accessible computing, universal design, inclusive data science, and equitable healthcare technologies.