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Featured Event | Argonne National Laboratory

The Five Ws of Quantum

Argonne Outloud Public Lecture

Much like the space race of the 1950s, there is a global race under way to advance the frontiers of quantum information science. Argonne National Laboratory is playing an integral role in the research and development of this exciting new technology which has the potential to revolutionize national and financial security, improve the speed of drug discovery, advance and scale advanced computing systems, and provide new career opportunities for the next-generation workforce.

Join two of Argonne’s leading scientists in quantum who will present on Argonne’s groundbreaking research and provide insight on what quantum information science is; why the development of this science and technology is so important; and who are the research institutions partnering with Argonne to make Chicago a national quantum tech hub.

  • Stephen Streiffer
    Deputy Laboratory Director for Science & Technology
    Interim Associate Laboratory Director for Photon Science
  • Stefan Wild, Moderator
    Deputy Division Director
    Mathematics & Computer Science Division
  • Joseph Heremans
    Staff Scientist
    Materials Science Division
  • Katherine Harmon
    Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellow
    Materials Science Division

If you have questions about the OutLoud Lecture Series, contact us at outloud@​anl.​gov.