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Materials Science Division

Synchrotron Studies of Materials

The Synchrotron Studies of Materials group focuses on the development and use of cutting-edge synchrotron X-ray techniques to advance the discovery and characterization of new materials.

The Synchrotron Studies of Materials group is advancing the frontier of materials science through creative use of the nation’s X-ray facilities, including the premier hard X-ray synchrotron, the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne. The team develops novel X-ray experimental techniques that take advantage of the unique capabilities of the latest X-ray sources, and  applies those techniques to obtain a fundamental understanding of key  topics essential for the efficient development of new materials. The  work reveals underlying equilibrium excitations, reactions, and dynamics  that control the properties and evolution of materials for energy. Our current focus is developing coherent X-ray scattering techniques to study materials dynamics, in particular by using X-ray photon  correlation spectroscopy and coherent diffraction imaging to resolve  nanoscale features of functional materials during operation. These  coherent x-ray methods are providing revolutionary capabilities which  will become widely available for materials research with the completion  of the Advanced Photon Source Upgrade in the near future.


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