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Stephan O. Hruszkewycz

Physics Leader 2


My research focuses on using and developing scattering techniques in conjunction with computational tools to characterize nanoscale structure and dynamics in materials, most recently with coherent x-ray diffraction.

I am currently involved in developing hard x-ray Bragg ptychography techniques at the CNM/APS Nanoprobe beamline for imaging nano- and meso-scale structure in complex materials in working environments. I am also involved in the development and implementation of x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy at the Linac Coherent Light Source, where we aim to measure femtosecond dynamics in materials at atomic resolutions – probing time and length scales in materials that could not be accessed experimentally until now.

Selected Publications

  • Y. Liu, P. P. Lopes, W. Cha, R. Harder, J. Maser, E. Maxey, M. J. Highland, N. Markovic, S. O. Hruszkewycz, G. B. Stephenson, H. You, A. Ulvestad, Stability Limits and Defect Dynamics in Ag Nanoparticles Probed by Bragg Coherent Diffractive Imaging, Nano Letters (2017), [article link]

  • S.O. Hruszkewycz, W. Cha, P. Andrich, C.P. Anderson, A. Ulvestad, R. Harder, P.H. Fuoss, D.D. Awschalom and F.J. Heremans, In situ study of annealing-induced strain relaxation in diamond nanoparticles using Bragg coherent diffraction imaging, APL Materials 5, 026105 (2017), [article link]

  • A. Ulvestad, M. J. Welland, W. Cha, Y. Liu, J. W. Kim, R. Harder, E. Maxey, J. N. Clark, M. J. Highland, H. You, P. Zapol, S. O. Hruszkewycz and G. B. Stephenson, Three-dimensional Imaging of Dislocation Dynamics During the Hydriding Phase Transformation, Nature Materials, (2017). [article link]

  • S.O. Hruszkewycz, M. Allain, M.V. Holt, C.E. Murray, J.R. Holt, P.H. Fuoss, V. Chamard, High-resolution three-dimensional structural microscopy by single-angle Bragg ptychography, Nature Materials, 16, 244 (2017), [article link]

  • W. Cha, A. Ulvestad, M. Allain, V. Chamard, R. Harder, S.J. Leake, J. Maser, P.H. Fuoss, S.O. Hruszkewycz, Three dimensional variable-wavelength x-ray Bragg coherent diffraction imaging, Physical Review Letters, 117, 225501 (2016). [article link]

  • S.O. Hruszkewycz, Q. Zhang, M.V. Holt, M.J. Highland, P.G. Evans, P.H. Fuoss, Structural Sensitivity of x-ray Bragg projection ptychography to domain patterns in epitaxial thin films, Physical Review A, 94, 043803 (2016). [article link]

  • W. Cha, W. Liu, R. Harder, R. Xu, P.H. Fuoss, S.O. Hruszkewycz. Utilizing broadband x-rays in a Bragg coherent diffraction imaging experiment, Journal of Sychtrotron Radiation, 23, 1241 (2016). [article link]

  • A. Ulvestad, A. Tripathi, S.O. Hruszkewycz, W. Cha., S.M. Wild, G.B. Stephenson, P.H. Fuoss, Coherent diffraction imaging of time-evolving samples with improved temporal resolution, Physical Review B, 93, 224432 (2016). [article link]

  • S.O. Hruszkewycz, M.V. Holt, M. Allain, V. Chamard, S.M. Polvino, C.E. Murray, P.H. Fuoss. Efficient modeling of Bragg coherent x-ray nanobeam diffraction, Optics Letters, 40, 3241 (2015). [article link].

  • M.V. Holt, S.O. Hruszkewycz, C.E. Murray, J.R. Holt, D.M. Paskiewicz, P.H. Fuoss. Strain imaging of nanoscale semiconductor heterostructures with x-ray Bragg projection ptychography, Physical Review Letters, 112, 165502 (2014). [article link, with supplemental].

  • S.O. Hruszkewycz, M.V. Holt, J. Maser, C.E. Murray, M.J. Highland, C.M. Folkman, P.H. Fuoss. Coherent Bragg nanodiffraction at the Hard X-ray Nanoprobe beamline, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 372, 20130118 (2014) [article link].

  • S. Lee, W. Roseker, C. Gutt, B. Fischer, H. Conrad, F. Lehmkeuhler, I. Steinke, D. Zhu, H. Lemke, M. Cammarata, D.M. Fritz, P. Wochner, M. Castro-Colin, S.O. Hruszkewycz, P.H. Fuoss, G.B. Stephenson, G. Gruebel, A. Robert. Single shot speckle and coherence analysis of the hard x-ray free electron laser LCLS, Optics Express, 21, 24647 (2013). [article link].

  • S.O. Hruszkewycz, M.J. Highland, M.V. Holt, D. Kim, C.M. Folkman, C. Thompson, A. Tripathi, G.B. Stephenson, S. Hong, P.H. Fuoss. Imaging local polarization in ferroelectric thin films by coherent x-ray Bragg projection ptychography, Physical Review Letters, 110, 177601 (2013). [article link].

  • S.O. Hruszkewycz, M. Sutton, P. H. Fuoss, B. Adams, S. Rosenkranz, K. F. Ludwig, W. Roseker, D. Fritz, M. Cammarata, D. Zhu, S. H. Lee, H. Lemke, C. Gutt, A. Robert, G. Gruebel, G. B. Stephenson. High contrast x-ray speckle from atomic-scale ordering in liquids and glasses, Physical Review Letters, 109, 185502 (2012). [article link, with supplemental].
  • S.O. Hruszkewycz, M. V. Holt, C. E. Murray, J. Bruley, J. Holt, A. Tripathi, O. G. Shpyrko, I. McNulty, M. J. Highland, P. H. Fuoss. Quantitative imaging of lattice distortions in epitaxial semiconductor heterostructures using x-ray Bragg projection ptychography. Nano Letters, 12, (10), 5148, (2012). [article link, with supplemental].
  • S.O. Hruszkewycz, C.M. Folkman, M.J. Highland, M.V. Holt, S.H. Baek, S.K. Streiffer, P. Baldo, C.B. Eom, P.H. Fuoss. X-ray nanodiffraction of tilted domains in a poled epitaxial BiFeO3 thin film. Applied Physics Letters, 99, 232903 (2011). 
  • S.O. Hruszkewycz, M.V. Holt, A. Tripathi, J. Maser, P.H. Fuoss. Framework for three-dimensional coherent diffraction imaging by focused beam x-ray Bragg ptychography. Optics Letters, 36, 2227 (2011). [article link]
  • S.O. Hruszkewycz, R. Harder, X. Xiao, P. H. Fuoss. The effect of exit beam phase aberrations on parallel beam coherent x-ray reconstructions. Review of Scientific Instruments, 81, 123706 (2010). 

Invited Research Talks

  • Materials Science and Technology 2016, Salt Lake City UT, Oct 2016. Opportunities for materials science with new 3D Bragg ptychography methods.
  • Coherence 2016, Saint Malo, France, June 2016. Utilizing Fourier projections to enable flexible three dimensional Bragg CDI and Bragg ptychography approaches.
  • Integrated Imaging Initiatives Workshop, Argonne IL, Sept 2014. Nanoscale materials imaging with Bragg ptychography.
  • Coherence 2014, Evanston IL, Sept 2014. Visualizing lattice structure in thin films with 2D and 3D Bragg ptychography approaches.
  • APS Users Meeting 2014, Argonne IL, May 2014. Materials science with coherent Bragg nano-diffraction at the Upgraded APS.
  • NSLS-II First Experiments Workshop, Upton NY, August 2013. Bragg projection ptychography imaging of nanostructured ferroelectric thin films at the HXN.
  • NSLS/CFN Users Meeting, Upton NY, May 2013. Bragg projection ptychography of nanostructured thin films with nanofocused hard x-rays.
  • Ptychography 2013, Munich Germany, May 2013. Hard x-ray Bragg projection ptychography: Mapping nanoscale lattice heterogeneity in crystalline thin films
  • TMS 2013, San Antonio TX, March 2013. Applications of Bragg projection ptychography
  • Real & Reciprocal Space Imaging Workshop, The Royal Society at Chichley Hall, Newport Pagnell UK, February 2013. Bragg projection ptychography of nanostructured thin films
  • Coherence 2012, Fukuoka Japan, June 2012. High contrast x-ray speckle from atomic-scale ordering in liquids and glasses. 
  • 21st International Conference on X-ray Optics and Microanalysis, Campinas Brazil, Sept 2011. Focused beam Bragg ptychography: A new approach to imaging nanostructures.
  • Denver X-ray Conference, Denver CO, July 2010. Scanning probe diffraction microscopy at the CNM/APS Nanoprobe beamline.