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Combinations of algorithms that calculate levelized cost of nuclear fuel cycle options

Standard Code Description

  1. Computing Platforms
    Any workstation that runs MATLAB
  2. Description of Purpose
    This system of 4 codes performs the following logically separated tasks to calculate levelized cost distributions and the distribution of the difference in levelized cost by sampling correlated costs for given unit cost distributions. 1) A Monte Carlo Sampler: generates a set of sampled inputs according to prescribed rules and available cost data. 2) Calculates the cost of electricity for a given system or sub-system for each sampled input. This goes beyond the current state of the art in nuclear economics by adopting the novel island approach” for a robust and consistent economic modeling of multi-reactor fuel cycle systems. 3) Multi-island system combiner/data plotter: recombines multi-island cost-of-electricity probability distributions, calculates the statistical properties of each distribution. 4) Comparison tool: for any given calculated output to any chosen reference output (e.g. use the O-T UO2 5% PWR as reference).
  3. Typical Running Time
    NE-COST itself does not typically take much time, but set up time for new fuel cycles can require significant effort for complex nuclear fuel cycle options.
  4. Unusual Features of the Program
    Multi-island approach allows for quick modification to alternative nuclear fuel cycle options variations. Many alternatives are based on an initial irradiation of UO2 fuel in LWRs. Once that island is set up with the proper mass flows, it can be used for O-T, single-recycle of Pu in MOX, recycle of the TRU in SFRs, etc. with minimal changes assuring efficient set up and comparison of alternatives.
  5. Status
    Version V2.0.0 is current version. NE-COST is not available for distribution. A limited version for specific nuclear fuel cycles is available in a web version.
  6. References
    1. F. Ganda, B. Dixon, E. Hoffman, T. K. Kim, T. Taiwo, R. Wigeland, Economic Analysis of Complex Nuclear Fuel Cycles with NE-COST,” Nuclear Technology (0029-5450), 193 (2).
    2. F. Ganda, T. K. Kim, T. A. Taiwo and R. Wigeland, Analysis of reactor capital costs and correlated sampling of economic input variables,” Proceedings of ICAPP 2015, May 03-06, 2015, Nice, France, Paper 15342.
  7. Primary Author
  8. Sponsor
    U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy