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Nanoscience and Technology Division

Collaborative Research

Argonne design works logo

Argonne Design Works

Argonne Design Works (ADW) offers a liaison that can navigate the complete spectrum of the laboratory’s capabilities, cutting across all the diverse scientific fields represented at Argonne. This concierge approach will help industry benefit from access to cutting-edge facilities beyond the research budgets of most firms.

Integrated Imaging Institute

Integrated Imaging Institute (I3)

Argonne’s Integrated Imaging Institute (I3) seeks to build on Argonne’s position as a world leader in experimental and computational imaging science by promoting an integrated, top-down approach to scientific discovery and understanding through imaging. 

Institute for molecular engineering logo

Institute for Molecular Engineering

The Institute for Molecular Engineering (IME), housed at Argonne in the Materials Science Division, is addressing a set of key research areas that seek to produce key advances in a number different areas. Each one aims at a major societal problem of global significance: Arts, Sciences, and Technology; Energy Storage and Harvesting; Immuno-Engineering and Cancer; Molecular Engineering of Water Resources; Quantum Information and Technology; and Nano-Patterning and Nanolithography.