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Cosmas K. Zachos


Cosmas has been doing mathematical High Energy Theory in the division since 1983.


A.B., Magna Cum Laude, Princeton University, 1974; 
Ph.D. in Physics, California Institute of Technology, 1979; 

Fellow of the American Physical Society 
Fellow of the Institute of Physics (UK)
Adjunct Professor of physics, University of Miami

Physicist at the High Energy Physics Division of the Argonne National Laboratory, 1986-2014; 
Senior Theory Associate, to date. 
(Spokesman for the Theory Group, 1992-1994; 2000-2002); Assistant Physicist, 1983-1986. 
Research Associate in theoretical physics, Fermilab, 1981-1983. 
Research Associate in theoretical physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1979-1981. 
Research Associate, Caltech, 1979.