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Diane Graziano

Chemical Engineer


Complex Systems Analyst, Chemical Engineer & Senior Fellow, Northwestern-Argonne Institute of Science and Engineering

Dr. Diane J. Graziano conducts decision science research with focus on complex adaptive systems, supply chain, and energy analysis for diverse topical areas, including advanced manufacturing, commercial buildings, solar, hydropower, resilience, and health care. She is Argonne’s lead on the multi-laboratory strategic analysis team supporting the Department of Energy, Advanced Manufacturing Office. She is also co-leading Argonne’s critical materials agent-based modeling projects sponsored by the Department of Energy and the Defense Logistics Agency.

Previously, Dr. Graziano served as Deputy Director of the Chemical Engineering Division, providing leadership to a research and development organization with active programs in catalysis, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, nuclear fuel reprocessing, and other programs important to energy and national security. Her prior technical work at Argonne includes process engineering, design, and economics of materials’ recycling and electrochemical treatment of spent nuclear fuels.

Dr. Graziano earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Before joining Argonne, she worked in Research and Development at Amoco Chemical Company in areas of process development, design, economics, technical service, and commercialization of petrochemicals.