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Jeffrey M. Larson

Assistant Computational Mathematician


Jeffrey Larson is an assistant computational mathematician at Argonne. His research centers on optimization algorithms and their implementation in software.

Jeff joined Argonne in 2014 as a postdoctoral appointee. He was previously a postdoctoral researcher with the Royal Institute of Technology KTH in Sweden. He earned his Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the University of Colorado Denver in 2012.

Jeff is currently developing APOSMM, an asynchronously parallel optimization solver for finding multiple minima. He is also developing algorithms for derivative-free optimization that exploit commonly existing structures in scientific applications. He also studies approaches for routing platooning vehicles through a road network in the most fuel-efficient manner and algorithms for optimizing stochastic functions.

Jeff’s office is in Bldg 240, Room 1154.

Research Interests

  • Simulation-based, black-box, or derivative-free optimization
  • Vehicle platoon routing
  • Multistart optimization algorithms