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Computing, Environment and Life Sciences

Laboratory for Applied Mathematics, Numerical Software, and Statistics

The LANS group provides a hub for Argonne computing activities in computational mathematics, data-driven methods, numerical analysis, numerical libraries, and optimization.

We work with researchers throughout Argonne and the scientific and engineering communities to accelerate discovery.  Our name reflects three important emphases:

Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics - which includes computational mathematics, mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, and optimization -- provides a foundation for many scientific and engineering problems.  Our research covers the complete spectrum from formulation to algorithm design and analysis to collaboration with domain scientists in solving large-scale problems.  

Numerical Software

New technologies are essential to meet the needs of computational scientists. We are dedicated to incorporating new numerical methods from areas such as machine learning, numerical analysis, optimization, and statistics into portable, high-performance, sustainable software and testing it in large-scale simulations of interest to the scientific community.


Statistical methods inform all stages of the scientific process, from design of experiments to exploratory analyses, modeling, and inference.  We are developing state-of-the-art data-driven statistical methods to achieve new scientific insights, and to produce fast, rigorous methods for artificial intelligence and uncertainty propagation.

Postdoctoral and Student Opportunities

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Postdoctoral and faculty opportunities:

Opportunities for domestic and foreign students include:

LANS Seminar Series

We have a weekly LANS seminar 


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