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Educational Programs and Outreach

Undergraduate Programs

Here at Argonne, we work to make the world a better place through science and innovation, and we want to help empower undergraduates as they start their journey into the world of science and engineering.

We pursue discovery by pushing boundaries, challenging ourselves and each other, and stretching our abilities. This makes Argonne an excellent place for undergrads to explore and test their own ideas in science and technology.

Argonne can help undergrads grow, choose, and hone their areas of interest with programs that immerse them in cutting-edge research and discovery in all areas of the Lab. Over 100 students each year participate in the various internship opportunities Argonne offers. We also hire undergraduate students for part-time and temporary assignments to provide technical support to our scientists and engineers.

Communicating Science

From writing a report to delivering an oral presentation, our internship programs offer numerous opportunities for you to exercise your communication skills, and the Communicating Science resource is here to help.

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Educational Programs and Outreach uses immersive and engaging programs to create STEM pathways for students throughout their journeys. We offer many opportunities for students, families, education professionals, and others to help students learn and grow.

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