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Educational Programs and Outreach

About Educational Programs

For the big questions — and the relentless questioners.
For the boundless optimists, and the fearless risk-takers.
For the creative daydreamers, and the obsessive Googlers.
For the continuously curious, and the wide-eyed wonderers. 

The students who come through our doors aren’t just future leaders, scientists, decision-makers, and policy-shapers — they’re grand visionaries who truly believe they can change the world.  And you know what? We — Argonne’s Educational Programs and Outreach — know they will, too.

With awe-inspiring learning experiences, exciting programs, and active outreach, we’re not just bringing STEM to our region—we’re welcoming every middle school, high school, undergraduate, and graduate student into our Argonne community to invite them on new pathways. Ignite imaginations. Inspire connections. And introduce a diverse new generation of STEM game-changers to world-class science—and to their own amazing possibilities. Because we know we’re not just shaping their futures—they’re shaping ours, and the world’s.

Connecting today’s world-class research to tomorrow’s STEM problem solvers

You can never be too young or too old to be fascinated in science, and we strive to create engaging opportunities for students throughout their journeys of self-discovery. First, we expose our future STEM problem-solvers to key concepts through interactive programming, making them curious to continue down a scientific pathway. Next, we challenge them to develop innovative solutions that reflect professional scientific research practices. And then, using what they’ve learned, we engage them in real-world problem-solving to show how they can apply their skills to shape their futures in the world, helping them find their identity as scientists.

Every individual member on our team believes in building a positive connection with individual students to foster science identities and bring out the best in their potentials. We work directly with students, families, schools, and communities to understand their concerns and interests, and we are always reshaping our programs to meet our students’ current learning goals and help them move toward their next challenge.

Through our middle school to graduate programming, Argonne Education connects with over 30,000 youth and families at Outreach events, hosts over 4,400 middle and high school students at the Learning Center, and employs over 900 undergraduate and graduate students each year. Learn more today on how we can help you become a part of the science pipeline and create a pathway for developing your own science identity.

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Educational Programs and Outreach uses immersive and engaging programs to create STEM pathways for students throughout their journeys. We offer many opportunities for students, families, education professionals, and others to help students learn and grow.

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