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Educational Programs and Outreach

Faculty Research Participation

About the Program

Faculty participants in this program typically spend a maximum of six months collaborating with an Argonne staff scientist or engineer on an existing Argonne project that is of interest to the faculty member. The applicant’s objectives for the Argonne appointment should be clearly specified, and the applicant’s department head or dean must endorse these objectives.


Faculty applicants must be full-time faculty members of an accredited college or university.

Financial Assistance

Financial support is available. Participants are provided with a stipend typically based upon their academic-year salary. A one-time, round-trip travel reimbursement will usually be paid to faculty participants whose permanent addresses are more than fifty miles away from Argonne.

How to Apply

To apply for the Faculty Research Participation Program, please complete the application packet. Note that two evaluation (reference) forms are required: one should be completed by your department head or dean, and the other should be completed by a professional reference. Please read the packet instructions carefully and make sure that all required signatures are obtained. There is no application deadline.

  1. Complete the Faculty Research Participation Collaborator Request.
  2. Collect the required attachments listed in the application.
  3. Send the form and any required attachments to your proposed Argonne host and the Division will submit the formal appointment request.