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About the Program

College and university faculty members may spend their sabbatical leave at Argonne. Appointments are normally for an academic or calendar year.

The Faculty Sabbatical Program is intended to provide mutual benefits to faculty members and the Laboratory. In addition to bringing about fruitful research activity, it provides Argonne scientists, engineers, and visiting faculty the opportunity to develop a strengthened rapport and to catalyze the formation of continuing research partnerships and collaborations.

Interactions between faculty and students in the research programs is strongly encouraged. This can take the form of research collaboration, as well as more conventional interactions such as seminars and teaching. Also, when funding is available, faculty can involve qualified students from their home campus in their Argonne research program.


To be eligible for an appointment, a faculty member must be in receipt of a sabbatical-leave award (or other appropriate award) from his/her university, have the approval of the appropriate university administrator to accept the Argonne appointment, and have demonstrated accomplishments in an area of research and development relevant to research at Argonne. Applicants must be full-time faculty members of an accredited college or university.

Financial Assistance

During the Faculty Sabbatical Program, the faculty member remains on the payroll and under the benefits program of the university. Typically, Argonne reimburses the university for a portion of the salary and fringe benefits for the academic year, but funding is primarily based on a Division’s available budget. Please contact your Argonne host for more information on this topic.

How to Apply

To apply for the Faculty Sabbatical Program, please speak with your Argonne host prior to completing the application packet. Note that two evaluation (reference) forms are required: one should be completed by your department head or dean, and the other should be completed by a professional reference. Please read the packet instructions carefully and make sure that all required signatures are obtained. There is no application deadline.

  1. Speak with your Argonne host prior to completing the application packet (regarding budgetary expectations).
  2. Complete the Faculty Sabbatical Program Request.
  3. Collect the required attachments listed in the application. For the Faculty Sabbatical program one of the required attachments is Argonne’s Guest Agreement Form (Guest Agreement – Funded Under U.S. Government Grant or Contract OR Guest Agreement – Funded By Source Other Than U.S. Government Grant or Contract).
  4. Send the form and any required attachments to your proposed Argonne host and the Division will submit the formal appointment request.