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Educational Programs and Outreach

Guest Faculty Research Participation Program

About the Program

The Guest Faculty Research Program is a no-pay appointment offered to faculty members who wish to begin or continue collaborative research with an Argonne staff scientist or engineer. Participants receive no pay or reimbursement for their work at Argonne.


Faculty applicants must be full-time faculty members of an accredited college or university.

How to Apply

To apply for the Guest Faculty Research Participation Program, you must complete both an application and a guest agreement. Two evaluation (reference) forms are required: one should be completed by your department head or dean, and the other should be completed by a professional reference. You will also need to submit your resume or CVThere is no application deadline.

  1. Complete the Faculty Programs Application.
  2. Collect the required attachments listed in the application. For the GFRP program one of the required attachments is Argonne’s Guest Agreement Form (Guest Agreement – Funded Under U.S. Government Grant or Contract OR Guest Agreement – Funded By Source Other Than U.S. Government Grant or Contract).
  3. If you have already identified an Argonne host, send these forms to your host and their Division will submit them on your behalf. If you have not identified an Argonne host, send your forms directly to faculty@​anl.​gov.