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Education and Outreach Programs

Graduate Research Program

Graduate Research Program (GRP) appointments are available to qualified U.S. and non-U.S. university graduate students who wish to carry out their thesis research at Argonne National Laboratory under the co-sponsorship of an Argonne staff member and a faculty member at the student’s home institution.

This program provides Master’s and Ph.D. level candidates an opportunity to conduct work within an Argonne research group or on a specific project for the purpose of supporting the student’s thesis work. The university sets the academic standards and awards the degree. In practice, the participation of the faculty member varies from full partnership in the research to general supervision of the student’s thesis work. The Argonne staff member keeps the faculty member at the university informed on the student’s progress.

Graduate Research Program

There is no deadline for applying. These appointments are rolling throughout the year.

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Application Requirements

  • Application should be submitted at least one month prior to proposed start date.
  • Approved application approval form emailed to graduate@​anl.​gov.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation emailed to graduate@​anl.​gov.
  • Must be currently enrolled full-time at an accredited institution.
  • 18 years or older at the time the appointment begins.
  • Satisfactory background check.
  • Pass a screening drug test.
  • Argonne employees, and certain guest researchers and contractors, are subject to particular restrictions related to participation in Foreign Government Talent Recruitment Programs, as defined and detailed in United States Department of Energy Order 486.1. You will be asked to disclose any such participation in the application phase for review by Argonne’s Legal Department.


Graduate Research appointments are three months to one year in length with the possibility of renewal, contingent upon satisfactory performance by the appointee. Appointments usually start when the student begins full-time thesis research at Argonne after having completed all other academic requirements.


Appointees receive an hourly wage, which is determined by the hiring division and the Educational Programs Office. Travel reimbursement is determined by the hiring division in accordance with laboratory policy. All travel arrangements must be made by the hiring division in order to receive any reimbursement.


Students are responsible for securing and funding their own housing.