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Educational Programs and Outreach

Argonne in the Classroom

Sharing Science with Students and the Community

Argonne has over 1,500 scientists and engineers working on various research projects that seek solutions to the grand scientific challenges of our time. Many of these scientists enjoy talking about their work with students and having the opportunity to give back to the community at large through educational outreach. Therefore, a diverse mix of Argonne professionals volunteer for physical as well as virtual visits with classes and schools ranging from elementary to college for career day talks and other presentations.

To help the scientists communicate their ideas and passion to a wide range of audiences, Argonne provides them with communication training that enables them to engage students in the exciting possibilities of STEM fields. In doing so, the scientists discover how to share their ideas with others for mutual learning and development, connecting Argonne’s work with the world and people around us.

As one of multiple components in Argonne’s employee-driven volunteer initiatives, a large cohort of computer scientists attends classrooms for career talks and professional assistance during Hour of Code celebrations at local schools for Computer Science Education Week annually.

To request a scientist speaker for your classroom, and for all other inquiries, please email STEMoutreach@​anl.​gov.

Argonne Hour of Code Celebration

Argonne National Laboratory computer scientists partner with Fermilab computer scientists to open students’ minds and imaginations to the world of computer science.

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