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Education and Outreach Programs Division

Directions & Map to Argonne’s Learning Center

Getting to Building 360

Note: If you are using a GPS Device, it is recommended that you enter the location text as Cass Avenue and Northgate Road, Lemont, IL” in order to reach the Argonne Information Center at the Main Gate entrance. Otherwise, you may be directed to alternate gate entrances, which are controlled-access.

Getting to Argonne

  • If coming from I-55, take exit 273A to Cass Avenue (South)
  • Continue on Cass Avenue and turn right on Northgate Road at the Argonne National Laboratory sign (just south of the Frontage Road)
  • As you approach the main Argonne entrance gate you will see the Argonne Information Center (AIC) on your right – turn into the AIC parking lot
  • Everyone on your bus over the age of 16, including the bus driver must enter the AIC and obtain a pass at the reception desk
  • Students aged 16 or 17 can use their School ID, but anyone 18 years of age or older will need a Driver’s License or State ID

Visitor Check-in Procedure

  • After everyone over the age of 16, including the bus driver has obtained a gate pass and has re-boarded the bus pull out of the AIC parking lot and turn right to enter Argonne through the main gate
  • Gate passes and IDs of everyone over the age of 16, including the bus driver will be checked at the gate

Getting to Building 360

  • After passing through the main gate turn left – you are now on Outer Circle
  • Follow Outer Circle until you come to Southwood Drive and turn left
  • Follow Southwood Drive until you come to Rock Road and turn left
  • Almost immediately you will turn right into the parking area for Building 360
  • Continue towards Building 360 and turn left to come to a stop on the street in front of the covered walkway that leads to the main entrance of Building 360
  • Unload your class and lead them along the covered walkway and you will be met by an Argonne staff member

Bus Route to the Learning Center (Building 360)

Download this informative map detailing bus routes to Argonne’s Learning Center.

Download the PDF