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Orlando Quaranta



Orlando is a member of the Detector Group in the X-ray Science Division (XSD) of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Northwestern Argonne Institute of Science and Engineering (NAISE). Among the many responsibilities of the Detector Group there is the development of innovative X-ray detectors that can enable new scientific endeavors at the APS. A new filed of detector development in the synchrotron community is that of the superconducting detectors. These can offer unique performances in terms of energy resolution and timing, unreachable with conventional semiconductor technology. Orlando is spearheading the program on the development of superconducting detectors at APS with the development of high-resolution spectrometer for hard X-ray based on Transition Edge Sensors. The research activity spans from the design, to the fabrication, characterization and final commissioning of such technologies.

Orlando received is PhD in Physics in 2009 from the University of Salerno (Italy). During the years after the graduation he has worked at many internationally recognized research institutions such as C.N.R. (Italy), Argonne National Laboratory (USA), University of Cambridge (UK) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA). He has been a staff member of the Detector Group since 2016.