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Steve Trask

Engineering Specialist Senior


Steve Trask is an senior engineering specialist in Argonne’s Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division with over 10 years of experience in advanced battery technology research and development activities. He has extensive expertise in making slurries and fabricating prototype electrodes using novel advanced lithium-ion battery chemistries. These electrodes are utilized across numerous DOE-VTO programs. He investigates and mitigates chemical, electrochemical, and materials problems related to slurry, electrode, and cell/battery development, as well as optimizes electrode formulations and cell fabrication techniques. Steve plans and conducts electrochemical tests and analyzes data from prototype batteries and their components using a variety of laboratory instrumentation. He has a Master of Materials Chemistry degree with over 60 publications.

  • Argonne National Laboratory Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE) Employee of the Month, October 2022
  • DOE Vehicle Technologies Office Team Award, 2020
  • Argonne National Laboratory Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE) Excellence Award, 2018