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Wei Chen

Chemist/Center for Molecular Engineering (CME)


I am a Chemist at the Institute for Molecular Engineering and Materials Science Division. After I received my Ph.D. in polymer science and engineering under the supervision of Professor Thomas P. Russell at University of Massachusetts-Amherst in 2010, I joined Argonne National Laboratory as an Argonne Scholar—Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Nanoscale Materials. Following my postdoc, I joined the Institute for Molecular Engineering and Materials Science Division as a research scientist at Argonne National Laboratory. My current research mainly focuses on 

  • Precise synthesis of polymeric materials with well-defined molecular weight, microstructure (sequence and tacticity), architecture, and functional group location
  • 3D construction of functionally graded nanocoatings for achieving antifouling water treatment as well as self-cleaning and energy-saving surface
  • Charge carrier control by use of multifunctional poly(ionic liquids)-based ionogels as high capacitance gate dielectrics for ultralow power electronics and health-related devices
  • Directed self-assembly of chiroplasmonic nanostructures for next-generation metasurface and understanding of chirality transfer from a molecule to an assembly
  • Structural and dynamic characterization through neutron and x-ray scattering techniques with a special focus on energy-resolved resonant x-ray scattering