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Yan Feng

Principal Atmospheric and Climate Scientist


Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2005

M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2002

Dr. Feng is a Principal Atmospheric and Climate Scientist at Argonne, and a Scientist at Large with Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering, University of Chicago. Her research focuses on global and regional modeling of aerosols, clouds, and interactions with climate change, air pollution, and biogeochemical cycle. Dr. Feng has 40+ peer-reviewed journal publications including Nature Geoscience, PNAS, and Geophysical Research Letters, and co-authored three book chapters. Her work has more than +3000 citations in Google Scholar, and she has a H-index of 21. Prior to coming to Argonne in 2010, she did postdoctoral study at Center for Clouds, Chemistry, and Climate, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego.



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