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Argonne National Laboratory

Bridging the Gap Company Presentations and Attendee List

Bridging the Gap: Advancing America’s Battery Manufacturing and Supply Chain is a two-day workshop hosted by Argonne National Laboratory on March 16-17, 2022.

Company Presentations by Area of Interest (AOI)

Companies interested in battery manufacturing submitted pre-recorded videos before and after the Bridging the Gap workshop summarizing their technology, future plans, challenges, and workforce needs. Click the timestamps below to watch individual presentations.

Area of Interest 1 (AOI-1): Commercial-scale Domestic Separation of Battery Materials from Extracted Feedstocks for Cathode Production
0:04   Piedmont Lithium, Inc.
2:51   The Metals Company
5:53   Retriev Technologies
8:35   South32
11:38   eJoule, Inc.
14:40   Summit Nanotech

Area of Interest 2 (AOI-2): Commercial-scale Domestic Production of Battery Grade Graphite from Synthetic and Natural Feedstocks
0:04   Birla Carbon
3:05   Westwater Resources, Inc.
6:05   Forge Nano
9:11   ACP Technologies LLC
12:14   Novonix
15:35   Amsted Graphite Materials
18:43   Farad Power
19:33   Superior Graphite

Area of Interest 3 (AOI-3): Other Commercial-scale Domestic Battery Materials Extraction and Processing
0:04   Lithium Americas Corporation
3:01   Air Liquide
6:03   Black Diamond Structures

Area of Interest 4 (AOI-4): Demonstration Projects for Domestic Separation and Production of Battery-grade Materials from Unconventional Domestic Sources
0:06   Nion Metals
3:04   U.S. Borax (Rio Tinto)

Area of Interest 5 (AOI-5): Demonstration Projects for Domestic Battery Materials Separation & Processing with Improved Yield and Lower Cost, Energy, Water Usage, and Emission
0:05   American Battery Technology Company
2:53   Pure Lithium
4:48   IT Asset Partners, Inc.
7:51   The Metals Company
8:54   Canadian New Energy Materials Corporation
11:30   Advano

Area of Interest 6 (AOI-6): Commercial-scale Domestic Li-ion Battery Cell Manufacturing
0:04   American Battery Factory, Inc.
3:07   Our Next Energy (ONE)
7:12   C4V
10:45   Electric Power Systems
13:54   Enovix Corporation
17:08   Lithion Battery, Inc.
20:04   Forge Nano
22:39   Nanoramic Laboratories
25:41   Medtronic, Inc.
28:40   Anthro Energy
30:45   Lyten
33:43   Miltec
37:14   Buhler, Inc.
40:17   Durr Megtec
43:05   Stat Peel AG
45:54   Waygate Technologies, Digital Solution, Baker Hughes
49:41  Thermo Fisher Scientific
52:43  Kore Power
56:39   Farasis Energy USA, Inc

Area of Interest 7 (AOI-7): Commercial-scale Domestic Battery Li-ion Cathode Manufacturing
0:04   HiT Nano
3:05   eJoule Inc.
6:08   TexPower
8:02   Wildcat Discovery Technologies
11:00   Mitra Chem
14:01   Retriev Technologies
16:57   6K, Inc.
19:58   Umicore
22:52   Black Diamond Structures

Area of Interest 8 (AOI-8): Commercial-scale Domestic Li-ion Battery Separator Manufacturing
0:04   Celgard
3:25   Brückner Group USA
6:54   Soteria Battery Innovation Group
9:56   ENTEK

Area of Interest 9 (AOI-9): Commercial-scale Domestic Next Generation Silicon Anode Active Materials and Electrodes
0:05   PPG
3:04   Buhler, Inc.
6:16   The Coretec Group
9:17   Sila Nanotechnologies
12:50   NanoGraf Corporation

Area of Interest 10 (AOI-10): Li-based Battery Component Manufacturing
0:04   Soelect
3:07   Ampcera​.com
6:10   Arkema Inc.
9:14   Edge Global Innovation (EGI)
11:47   Koura
14:50   Chemours
17:54   Amphenol
21:13   Stryten Energy
24:18   Joby Aviation
26:22   Navitas Systems
29:17   Inventus Power

Area of Interest 11 (AOI-11): Battery Recycling and Processing Facilities
0:04   Automotive Recyclers Association
2:49   Global Battery Solutions
5:40   IT Asset Partners, Inc.
8:43   NuVant Systems, Inc.
11:01   Li-Cycle Holdings Corporation
13:55   Ecobat, LLC
16:44   Summit Nanotech
19:49   OnTo Technology, LLC

Area of Interest 12 (AOI-12): Demonstration of Domestic Battery Cell and Component Manufacturing, including Next-Gen Chemistries and Novel Manufacturing Processes
0:04   Ambri Inc.
2:38   Pure Lithium
4:32   Li-Metal Corporation
7:37   Sion Power
11:02   II-VI, Inc.
13:49   Applied Materials, Inc.
16:38   Siemens
19:36   Saueressig (Matthews International)
22:17   Xilectric Inc.
25:18   Jakertech LLC
28:34   Modular Battery Technologies Inc.
31:36   UL LLC
34:34   Battery Innovation Center Institute, Inc.
37:24   Battery Streak
40:25   Hunt Energy
43:16   Dynami Battery Corporation
45:10   Ateios Systems
47:56   EaglePicher Technologies
50:41   EC Power Group, Inc.
53:24   HiT Nano