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Physical Sciences and Engineering

Discovery Acceleration

Argonne’s work in catalysis and energy conversion seeks to connect fundamental and early-stage applied research and development in the areas of catalysis and fuel cells.
Argonne staff chemist Magali Ferrandon prepares catalyst samples for testing and evaluation using a robotic platform for high-throughput synthesize of new materials.

We couple traditional laboratory experimental techniques with high-throughput or combinatorial experimental techniques to accelerate the development of new materials.

In catalysis, our research focuses on synthesizing new catalyst compositions, defining fundamental reaction mechanisms, and identifying the physical and chemical material properties that control catalyst performance to accelerate the development of new catalyst technologies for a wide range of catalytic processes, including selective oxidation, hydrogenation, steam/autothermal reforming and polymer upcycling.

In fuel cells, we conduct early stage applied research to develop precious group metal-free (PGM-free) electrocatalyst technology and to improve the performance and durability of commercial electrocatalysts for use in polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems.