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Feature Stories

Feature Story

Cracking the catalytic code

The newly developed ability to tap previously inaccessible shale gas deposits during the last decade has created an abundant source of gases, including methane, ethane and propane, that are used to create chemical-based products such as plastics.
April 24, 2018 | Catalysis
Feature Story

Muons spin tales of undiscovered particles

Scientists at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories are collaborating to test a magnetic property of the muon. Their experiment could point to the existence of physics beyond our current understanding, including undiscovered particles.
April 19, 2018
Feature Story

Through thick and thin

What do paint, dishwasher detergent, ketchup and blood have in common? All are composed of particles suspended in a carrier liquid, flow when stirred or forced, but remain thick or even gel-like at rest.
April 13, 2018
Feature Story

Tiny bubbles

The intrinsic beauty of bubbles — those thin watery spheres filled with air or other gases — has long captured the imagination of children and adults alike.
April 04, 2018
bubble formation and two-phase bubbly flow inside nuclear reactors
Feature Story

Warm introductions to science and engineering

Dozens of female scientists and engineers welcomed middle-school girls to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory on Thursday, February 22, for a day full of learning about science and engineering.
March 07, 2018
Students learn about how computer scientists visualize data collected from researchers.