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Student Summer Internship Program

The HEP-CCE summer internship program is open to graduate students in the US who would like to work at Argonne National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory, or Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The program covers the three high energy physics frontier areas (Cosmic, Energy, and Intensity) and is aimed at computationally oriented graduate students interested in new educational, training, and research opportunities. A strong computing/computational background is highly desirable. The internship will offer students the opportunity to push forward their scientific projects and to be exposed to a number of leading edge computational areas including next-generation architectures, the use of high-performance computing resources for data-intensive tasks, and analysis of large-scale data sets.

Individual programs will last for ten weeks from June through September and will include travel support and an associated stipend. Applications to the program should include a CV, a statement of current research, and a short statement on how participation in the program will benefit the student’s current work and future career. A letter of recommendation from the student’s research adviser is also required.

Applications can be submitted via email to: hepccestudents@​lists.​anl.​gov


Applicants must be at a U.S. institution, but can be of non-U.S. citizenship.