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Nuclear Science and Engineering

Working at IVEM

Access and Safety Training


To work at the IVEM Facility you must gain access to the Argonne National Laboratory site. If you are a US citizen, contact Denise Moores to request a gate pass for pickup at the Argonne Information Center. If you are not a US citizen, we must process a security form for you to gain access to the Laboratory site. Please contact Denise Moores for the security form. The approval process for foreign nationals will take at least two weeks.

On the first day of your visit you are required to complete all relevant safety courses and read the pertinent Work Control Documents and Standard Operating Procedures related to your experiments. Upon completion access to the IVEM will be allowed.

For onsite emergencies, call 911 from any internal phone (or 630-252-1911 on cell phones).

Safety Training for Users

All IVEM-Tandem users must complete the required training courses listed below before participating in an experiment:

  • IVEM101: IVEM User Orientation (2 years)
  • ESH100U: Argonne National Laboratory User Facility Orientation (2 years)
  • ESH223U: Cyber Security Education and Awareness (1 years)