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Scalable Coating Technologies

Argonne scientists have spent decades seeking new ways to fight the negative consequences of friction and wear.

The laboratory’s award-winning coatings research encompasses surface engineered materials, lubricants, fuels, and fuel/lubricant additives for use in demanding environments. This work includes:

  • Developing advanced lubricant additives and basefluids, lubricant-boosting materials and coatings
  • Conducting mechanistic studies of tribofilm phenomena and mechanical properties
  • Correlating lubricant performance and engine/vehicle fuel economy

Success Stories

Triboligy Team

Improving the Reliability of Wind Power

Argonne-developed carbon coating shows promise for use in wind turbine drivetrains.

Graphene's hexagonal structure

Reducing Friction and Wear

Graphene could replace solid- or oil-based lubricants on sliding steel surfaces.