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BatPaC: Battery Manufacturing Cost Estimation

A software modeling tool designed for policymakers and researchers
Intellectual Property Available to License

BatPaC is a software modeling tool designed for policymakers and researchers who are interested in estimating the cost of lithium-ion batteries after they have reached a mature state of development and are being manufactured in high volumes. The tool captures the interplay between the design and cost of these batteries for transportation applications.

BatPaC comes with a library of several lithium-ion battery chemistries and default inputs for all the parameters specified in different manufacturing areas of a factory.


  • Estimates the cost of manufacturing lithium-ion batteries
  • Examines trade-offs that result from different user requirements such as power, energy, charging time, etc.


  • Supports simulation and design with precise battery mass and dimensions, cost performance characteristics, and battery pack values from bench-scale results
  • Calculates battery pack-level quantities by adding together all the battery components that are designed to meet user-defined specifications
  • Determines the performance of a given battery chemistry/cell/pack design in batteries for four types of electric vehicle applications

Technical Details/Requirements

  • Microsoft Excel-based application