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Chris Fry

Scientist, Nanoscience


Chris Fry is Manager of Argonne’s Center for Molecular Engineering. He is also a scientist within Argonne’s Nanoscience and Technology division and at Argonne’s Center for Nanoscale Materials.  

  • PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 2005.
  • Post-Doc, University of Pennsylvania, 2005–2008.
  • Post-Doc, Northwestern University, 2008–2009.

Functional Supramolecular Bioinorganic Materials

  • Synthesis of novel macrocyclic molecules as cofactors for de novo designed proteins and non-natural molecules with enhanced and novel functions in a biomolecular framework.
  • Design of peptides and synthetic molecules with novel functions that when coupled to a nanoparticle surface offer novel functionality useful in energy transduction.
  • De novo design and synthesis of peptides (e.g., coiled coil peptides) and proteins encapsulating non-native electro-optic chromophores.
  • Self-assembly of organic molecules for applications in photovoltaics.