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Justin Connell

Materials Scientist


Justin Connell is a Materials Scientist in the Materials Science Division and manager of the Electrochemical Discovery Laboratory. He is also a member of the Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering affiliated with the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago. His current research interests focus on utilizing a combination of vacuum synthesis, electrochemical analysis and spectroscopic tools to understand the interfacial (electro)chemical processes that govern the stability and reversibility of anode and cathode materials for Li-ion and beyond Li-ion battery systems, as well as the reactivity of such materials at interfaces with solid electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries


  • Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering,  Northwestern University, 2013
  • B.S. Chemistry, The College of William and Mary, 2008

Selected Recent Publications:

  • Driscoll, D. M.; Lavan, S. L.; Zorko, M.; Redfern, P. C.; Ilic, S.; Agarwal, G.; Fister, T. T.; Assary, R. S.; Cheng, L.; Strmcnik, D.; Balasubramanian, M.; Connell, J. G. Emergent Solvation Phenomena in Non-aqueous Electrolytes with Multiple Anions. Chem (2023) 1955-1971. doi: 10.1016/j.chempr.2023.03.021

  • Hood, Z. D.; Mane, A. U.; Sundar, A.; Tepavcevic, S.; Zapol, P.; Eze, U. D.; Adhikari, S. P.; Lee, E.; Sterbinsky, G. E.; Elam, J. W.; Connell, J. G. Multifunctional Coatings on Sulfide-Based Solid Electrolyte Powders with Enhanced Processability, Stability, and Performance for Solid State Batteries. Advanced Materials 35 (2023) 2300673. doi: 10.1002/adma.202300673

  • Connell, J. G.; Fuchs, T.; Hartmann, H.; Krauskopf, T.; Zhu, Y.; Sann, J.;Garcia-Mendez, R.; Sakamoto, J.; Tepavcevic, S.; Janek, J. Kinetic versus Thermodynamic Stability of LLZO in Contact with Lithium Metal. Chemistry of Materials 32 (2020) 10207-10215. doi: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.0c03869

  • Connell, J. G.; Zorko, M.; Agarwal, G.; Yang, M.; Liao, C.; Assary, R. S.; Strmcnik, D.; Markovic, N. M. Anion Association Strength as a Unifying Descriptor for the Reversibility of Divalent Metal Deposition in Nonaqueous Electrolytes. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (2020), 36137–36147. doi: 10.1021/acsami.0c09404

  • Zhu, Y.; Connell, J. G.; Tepavcevic, S.; Zapol, P.; Garcia-Mendez, R.; Taylor, N. J.; Sakamoto, J.; Ingram, B. J.; Curtiss, L. A.; Freeland, J. W.; Fong, D. D.; Markovic, N. M. Dopant-Dependent Stability of Garnet Solid Electrolyte Interfaces with Lithium Metal. Advanced Energy Materials (2019) 1803440. doi: 10.1002/aenm.201803440

  • Strmcnik, D.; Castelli, I. E.; Connell, J. G.; Haering, D.; Zorko, M.; Martins, P.; Lopes, P. P.; Genorio, B.; Østergaard, T.; Gasteiger, H.; Maglia, F.; Antonopoulos, B. K.; Stamenkovic, V. R.; Rossmeisl, J.; Markovic, N. M. Electrocatalytic transformation of impurity HF to H2 and LiF in lithium ion batteries. Nature Catalysis 1 (2018) 255-262. doi: 10.1038/s41929-018-0047-z

  • Connell, J. G.; Genorio, B.; Lopes, P. P.; Strmcnik, D.; Stamenkovic, V. R.; Markovic, N. M. Tuning the Reversibility of Mg Anodes via Controlled Surface Passivation by H2O/Cl- in Organic Electrolytes. Chemistry of Materials 28 (2016) 8268-8277. doi: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.6b03227

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