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Analytical Chemistry

Argonne maintains a wide-ranging science and technology portfolio that seeks to address complex challenges in interdisciplinary and innovative ways. Below is a list of all articles, highlights, profiles, projects, and organizations related specifically to analytical chemistry.

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  • Haoyu Liu

    Dr. Haoyu Liu is a chemist studying battery materials with advanced characterization tools like solid-state NMR.
  • Materials & Modeling Support

    The Materials and Modeling Support (M&MS) group is a multidisciplinary group of scientists and engineers focused on developing a better understanding of electrode design, their components, and its effect on electrochemical performance.
  • An integrated system and process for identifying and rapidly resolving surface contaminants
    Intellectual Property Available to License

    US Patent 8,309,020
    • Semiconductor-based detection and decontamination system (IN-05-036)


    In the event of a chemical and/or biological release, it is critical to be able to rapidly detect the components that have been released, determine the concentration of the components, decontaminate the released components, and verify that the decontamination efforts have been successful. Argonne inventors have developed a smart” surface that can be incorporated into fabrics, painted surfaces, or other systems for rapid detection and decontamination.

    Opportunity & Solution

    The Argonne solution is a coupled, semiconductor-based detection and decontamination system that detects contaminant absorption by changes in surface resistance. These changes induce a photocatalytic oxidation or reduction of the contaminant while continuously monitoring resistance and temperature during the process to determine the decontamination status.


    The Argonne invention is a rapid, integrated detection and response system for chemical decontamination in near real-time.  

    Applications, Industries

    The invention has potential application in decontaminating large surface areas.

  • Indrani Roy

    My research is to understand the chemical bonding in redox active fluorine doped cathode materials for Li- and Na- ion batteries.
  • MOFs for Methane Manipulation

    Researchers using the Advanced Photon Source have found a way to activate” methane so that it can be converted into products like liquid fuels, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, and much more.