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Nathan P. Guisinger

Group Leader - Quantum and Energy Materials/Scientist, Nanoscience


Education and Training

  • Ph.D. 2005, Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 
  • B.S. 1999, Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL

Research and Professional Experience

2007–Present, Scientist (Argonne): Staff scientist at the Center for Nanoscale Materials who has developed a research program exploring materials discovery, synthesis, characterization, and processing. We are leading the discovery of new low-dimensional materials, the exploration of novel synthesis and characterization, and tailoring material properties.

Ten Highlight Publications: 2 Science, 4 Nature Journals, and over 1500 citations combined for these 10

  1. A. J. Mannix, X.- F. Zhou, B. Kiraly, J. D. Wood, D. Alducin, B. D. Myers, X. Liu, B. L. Fisher, U. Santiago, J. R. Guest, M. J. Yacaman, A. Ponce, A. R. Oganov, M. C. Hersam, N. P. Guisinger, Synthesis of borophenes, anisotropic, two-dimensional boron polymorphs.” Science 350, 1513 (2015).
  2. R. M. Jacobberger, B. Kiraly, M. Fortin-Deschenes, P. L. Levesque, K. M . McElhinny, G. J. Brady, R. R. Delgado, S. S. Roy, A. Mannix, M. G. Lagally, P. G. Evans, P. Desjardins, R. Martel, M. C. Hersam, N. P. Guisinger, M. S. Arnold, Direct oriented growth of armchair graphene nanoribbons on germanium.” Nat. Comm. 6, 8006 (2015).
  3. A. J. Mannix, B. Kiraly, B. L. Fisher, M. C. Hersam, N. P. Guisinger, Silicon growth at the two-dimensional limit on Ag(111).” ACS Nano 8, 7538-7547 (2014).
  4. B. Kiraly, E. V. Iski, A. J. Mannix, B. L. Fisher, M. C. Hersam, and N. P. Guisinger, Solid source growth and atomic-scale characterization of graphene on Ag(111).” Nat. Comm. 4, 2804 (2013).
  5. T.-Y. Chien, L. F. Kourkoutis, J. Chakhalian, B. Gray, M. Kareev, N. P. Guisinger, D. A. Muller, and J. W. Freeland, Visualizing short-range charge transfer at the interfaces between ferromagnetic and superconducting oxides,” Nat. Comm. 4, 2336 (2013).
  6. Y. Qinkai, L. A. Jauregui, W. Wu, R. Colby, J. Tian, Z. Su, H. Cao, Z. Liu, D. Pandey, D. Wei, T. F. Chung, P. Peng, N. P. Guisinger, E. A. Stach, J. Bao, S.-S. Pei, and Y. P. Chen, Control and characterization of individual grains and grain boundaries in graphene grown by chemical vapour deposition,” Nat. Materials10, 443 (2011).
  7. L. Gao, J. R. Guest, and N. P. Guisinger, Epitaxial graphene on Cu(111),” Nano Lett.10, 3512 (2010).
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  9. N. P. Guisinger, G. M. Rutter, J. N. Crain, P. N. First, and J. A. Stroscio, Exposure of epitaxial graphene grown on 6H-SiC(0001) to atomic hydrogen,” Nano Lett., 9, 1462 (2009).
  10. G. M. Rutter, J. N. Crain, N. P. Guisinger, T. Li, P. N. First, and J. A. Stroscio, Interference and localization in epitaxial graphene,” Science317, 219 (2007).