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Pietro Papa Lopes



Pietro Papa Lopes is a materials electrochemist at the Energy Conversion and Storage Group at the Materials Science Division. His current research interests focus on understanding electro-chemical conversion, materials stability, and in situ synthesis processes that occur at the electrochemical interface in fuel cells, electrolyzers, and both aqueous and non-aqueous batteries.


  • PhD, University of Sao Paulo-Brazil, Chemistry, 2013
  • MS, University of Sao Paulo-Brazil, Physical-Chemistry, 2009
  • BS, University of Sao Paulo-Brazil, Chemistry, 2006


Relevant Publications

  1. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 143, 7, 2741-2750, 2021 - Lopes, Pietro P.; Chung, Dong Young; Rui, Xue, Zheng, Hong, He, Haiying; Farinazzo Bergamo Dias Martins, Pedro; Strmcnik, Dusan; Stamenkovic, Vojislav R.; Zapol, Peter; Mitchell, J. F.; Klie, Robert F.; Markovic, Nenad M.; Dynamically Stable Active Sites from Surface Evolution of Perovskite Materials during the Oxygen Evolution Reaction. (https://​doi​.org/​1​0​.​1​0​2​1​/​j​a​c​s​.​0​c​08959)
  2. Science, 369 (6506), 923-924, 2020 – Lopes, Pietro P.; Stamenkovic, Vojislav R.; Past, present, and future of lead−acid batteries. (DOI: 10.1126/science.abd3352)
  3. Nature Materials, 19, 1207-1214, 2020 - Lopes, Pietro P.; Li, Dongguo; Lv, Haifeng; Wang, Chao; Tripkovic, Dusan; Zhu, Yisi; Schimmenti, Roberto; Daimon, Hideo; Kang, Yijin; Snyder, Joshua; Becknell, Nigel; More, Karren L.; Strmcnik, Dusan; Markovic, Nenad M.; Mavrikakis, Manos; Stamenkovic, Vojislav R. Stamenkovic; Eliminating Dissolution of Pt-based Electrocatalysts at the Atomic Scale. (https://​doi​.org/​1​0​.​1​0​3​8​/​s​4​1​5​6​3​-​0​2​0​-​0​735-3)
  4. Nature Energy, 5 (3), 222-230, 2020 - Chung, Dong Y.; Lopes, Pietro P.; Martins, Pedro F.B.D.; He, Haiying; Kawaguchi, Tomoya; Zapol, Peter; You, Hoydoo; Tripkovic, Dusan; Strmcnik, Dusan; Zhu, Yisi; Seifert, Soenke; Lee, Sungsik; Stamenkovic, Vojislav R.; Markovic Nenad M.; Dynamic Stability of Active Sites in Hydr(oxy)oxides for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction. (https://​doi​.org/​1​0​.​1​0​3​8​/​s​4​1​5​6​0​-​0​2​0​-​0​576-y)
  5. Nature Materials, 16, 57-69, 2017  - Stamenkovic, Vojislav R.; Strmcnik, Dusan; Lopes, Pietro P.; Markovic, Nenad M.; Energy and Fuels from Electrochemical Interfaces. (https://​doi​.org/​1​0​.​1​0​3​8​/​n​m​a​t4738)