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Richard B. Vilim

Manager, Plant Analysis & Control and Sensors Department

Richard Vilim is a Senior Nuclear Engineer and manages the Plant Analysis & Control and Sensors Department within Argonne’s Nuclear Science and Engineering Division.


Dr. Vilim has over 35 years R&D experience modeling and simulating power plants, designing power plant instrumentation and control systems, and developing new equipment monitoring applications for the process and power industries.

More recently his work has focused on the cost competitiveness of nuclear power operating in an electric grid with renewables and in integrated energy systems.  This work involves the development of AI/ML algorithms for enabling autonomous operation and includes digital twin and automated reasoning methods for the diagnosis of incipient equipment degradation in process systems and signal-processing methods for detecting sensor failure.

Dr. Vilim has over 300 publications and nine U.S. patents. He has developed several computer codes in use by others including General Plant Analyzer and System Simulator (GPASS) and Parameter-Free Reasoning Operator for Automated Identification and Diagnosis (PRO-AID). He is one of four Argonne inventors whose patents formed the intellectual property basis for Smart Signal Corporation, a technology startup company with revenues of $30M, recently acquired by General Electric.