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Yousry Gohar

Argonne Distinguished Fellow - Program Manager, RRRFR Programs

Yousry Gohar leads research including development and design of fusion and fission reactor components, design and analysis of nuclear systems, accelerator driven systems, nuclear technology development, and nuclear engineering computational methods.


Yousry Gohar is an Argonne Distinguished Fellow, Senior Nuclear Engineer, Argonne Program Director, and Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return (RRRFR) Deputy Technical Director for Research and Development.  He has held various national and international technical and management positions from 1968 to present.

He earned his BS (1967), MS (1970), and PhD (1974) in Nuclear Engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt.  His research includes the design and analysis of fission, fusion, and accelerator driven systems; nuclear engineering computational method development; nuclear technology development; and the design of nuclear reactor components.

Yousry Gohar has coordinated design activities and nuclear technology development in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Russia.  He has lectured and performed research at the Atomic Energy Establishment of Egypt, Alexandria University of Egypt, Cairo University of Egypt, American University in Cairo, and University of Wisconsin in Madison.  From 19921998, he represented DOE at the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Joint Central Team in Germany, as the group leader for the ITER first wall/blanket/shield design and R&D. Recently, he has designed and constructed several accelerator driven systems for DOE, including the neutron source facility of Ukraine.

Yousry Gohar has served as a chairperson and member of different national and international workshops and technical committees and been honored for his research and leadership, and has received several awards, including the Secretary of Energy’s Achievement Award twice (2009 and 2014). Hehas published more than 400 articles in scientific journals and technical reports.  He is a member of ACS, SIGMA XI, and ANS; an Executive Committee Member of ADD and FED (served several terms) of ANS; and a Technical Committee Member of several international conferences.