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Argonne Tandem Linac Accelerator System

ATLAS Program Advisory Committee

The ATLAS Program Advisory Committee advises the ATLAS Director.

The ATLAS Program Advisory Committee (PAC) consists of 5-9 internationally recognized nuclear physicists, most of whom are from outside of Argonne. The PAC members are appointed by the ATLAS Director. The PAC members consider, discuss, and rank proposals for experiments at ATLAS and provide advice to the ATLAS Director on the priority of each proposal and the numbers of days of beam time to be allocated to the approved experiments. The PAC may also interact with the PI of proposals to solicit further information. The current PAC members are listed below.

Gordon Ball (Chair)

Kelly Chipps
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Roderick Clark
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Aaron Couture
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Kay Kolos (as Chair of the ATLAS Users Executive Committee)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Alison Laird
University of York

Nicolas Scielzo
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Darek Seweryniak
Argonne National Laboratory

Alexander Volya
Florida State University