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Argonne Tandem Linac Accelerator System

Instrumentation and Targets

The mission for the ATLAS facility at Argonne is to enable research of  the highest quality by its users and staff, especially probing the properties of atomic nuclei, through utilizing the capabilities of the accelerator and research equipment in a safe and efficient manner, with the associated responsibility of research and development in accelerator science, in applications of nuclear science, and in the techniques that are required to accomplish its scientific goals.

Users of ATLAS take advantage of the existing experimental equipment such as the Canadian Penning Trap (CPT) mass spectrometer, the Fragment Mass Analyzer (FMA), the Argonne Gas-Filled Analyzer (AGFA), the Helical Orbit Spectrometer (HELIOS), the Enge Magnetic Spectrograph, Gammasphere and/or GRETINA, MUSIC (multi-sampling ionization chamber), and the X-Array. Beam lines are also available for experiments where users bring their own equipment. The Physics support group is available to assist users in all preparations for their measurements.