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Targets may be requested for experiments to be performed at ATLAS, for experiments with Argonne collaboration carried out elsewhere, and, in some special instances, for other facilities and institutions.

Research Facility

4 Tesla Magnet Facility

The magnet allows for the measurement and calibration of the experiment’s custom-built probes, as it provides not only a strong field but one that is uniform and stable.
Research Group

Accelerator Development

Our accelerator development group conducts a broad range of accelerator R&D to advance technologies for future DOE facilities and other applications.
Research Area

Accelerator R&D

Accelerator Development in Argonne’s Physics Division specializes in the design, fabrication and commissioning of high-intensity ion and electron accelerator systems

Accelerator Systems

The Accelerator Systems Division provides best-in-class operation, maintenance and upgrade of the Advanced Photon Source accelerators and support users in doing outstanding science in a safe environment.
Research Area

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing offers a new paradigm for engineering design and manufacturing by enabling unique macro-structural design of components and micro-structural design of the material.
Research Group

Advanced Electrolyte Research

Advanced Electrolyte Research seeks to develop new functional organic materials as electrolytes, electrolyte additives, electroactive catholytes and anolytes and polymer binders.
Research Group

Advanced Grid Modeling

With the electric power grid becoming more complex and dynamic, the development of advanced tools and technology for decision makers is vital for a more reliable and efficient power grid.
advanced grid modeling substation