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A call for ATLAS proposals is made 1-2 times per year, depending on the backlog of approved experiments and the available beam time. Please contact Dr. Filip Kondev with questions regarding ATLAS proposals.

Click here to see lists of approved experiments from previous PAC meetings. 

Proposal submission

A call for proposals for experiments at ATLAS for the scheduling period beginning in the summer of 2020 has been issued. The deadline for proposal submissions is February 102020 (23:59 US Central Standard Time). The ATLAS Program Advisory Committee meeting will be held on March 16-172020. The official letter from Dr. Guy Savard, Director of ATLAS, regarding the present call for proposals can be found here.

Proposals must be submitted electronically only. This is a two steps process:

  1. You need to fill out the Electronic ATLAS Proposal Form (blue link below this paragraph). After filling out the appropriate information, click the submit button to complete the submission. Once your submission is complete, the information will then be sent to us to be printed out and provided to members of the PAC, and to our accelerator operations and safety personnel for review.

    Electronic ATLAS Proposal Form

  1. You need to send a copy of your proposal that contains a detailed description of your proposed experiment in either postscript (.ps), portable document format (.pdf), or Microsoft Word (.doc,.docx) format as an e-mail attachment to atlas-​proposals@​anl.​gov.

To help you with the preparation of your submission an ATLAS Proposal Form worksheet can be downloaded here. The worksheet is just meant to show you all the questions in the form and it is not a substitute for the electronic form above.




Recently Approved Proposals

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Approved Experiments Archive

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