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Safety Information

  • Emergency: For help with onsite medical or other emergencies, dial 911 on internal phones (or dial 630-252-1911 on cell phones).
  • Non-Emergency Safety Issues: email ATLASsafety@​anl.​gov.
  • Tornado: Tornado shelters are located in the hallway just outside the ATLAS control room and in the break-room on the service level near the front of Building 203. When a tornado watch is issued, special nuclear materials are to be secured in their storage area. Also, any classified materials shall be secured. In the event of a tornado warning, proceed immediately to the nearest shelter. 
  • Fire: In the event of a fire alarm, personnel working with classified material should secure the material if this can be done quickly and safely. Securing classified material is of secondary importance. If the area is threatened by smoke or fire, personnel should leave the area immediately.
  • Two-Person Rule: The two-person rule is in effect when there is only one ATLAS operator on duty. The PI of the experiment is responsible for designating a safety backup and notifying ATLAS operations personnel. The safety backup needs to be available (i.e., reachable by phone) in the event the operator needs to work out in the accelerator area. 
  • Physics Environment Safety and Health: For forms, safety manuals, policies, contacts, and more, please visit Environment Safety and Health (Argonne domain credentials need) or contact the the ATLAS User Liaison, Dr. Daniel Santiago.