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In-Flight (Radioactive) Beams

Using the in-flight technique, several hundred radioactive ion beams can be produced and made available to many different end stations.

The production of short-lived beams via the in-flight technique allows researchers to explore new nuclear-structure phenomena. This capability has been available at ATLAS for many years using the method described in Rev. Sci. Instrm. 71, 380 (2008). It was upgraded in 2018 with the implementation of the Argonne In-flight Radioactive Ion Separator (RAISOR). For more information on what beams, energies, and intensities are available, please contact the Calem Hoffman. Below is a plot of the beams that are currently available or expected to be available in 2021.

Available in-flight radioactive beams at ATLAS as of January 2021

A searchable table of in-flight radioactive ion beams