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The Argonne Wakefield Accelerator (AWA) Facility is a resource unique to the U.S. Department of Energy. The electron beam-driven wakefield acceleration scheme, for both solid-state (dielectric & metallic) and plasma media, is being developed at the AWA. These two schemes are called Structure Wakefield Acceleration (SWFA) and Plasma Wakefield Acceleration (PWFA). The group develops the parameter sets that would be necessary for these schemes to be used in applications such as a future linear colliders as well as other non-High Energy Physics applications such as an X-ray free electron laser. The methods under development are the collinear wakefield accelerator (CWA),  that is used for both SWFA and PWFA, and the two beam accelerator (TBA) which is only used in SWFA. The electron beam-driven wakefield acceleration scheme also requires the development of drive beam and main beam technology. The AWA facility is equipped to carry out the beam physics R&D needed for wakefield acceleration in multiple ways including two independent electron beamlines, the world’s highest charge RF photocathode guns, and possessing the world’s only operating emittance exchange beamline that can be used for phase-space manipulation. This last method can create high quality and high brightness beam for various applications, such as FEL, coherent radiation driver, etc.