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The AWA facility maintains the world’s two highest-charge RF photocathode guns, both capable of 100 nC per bunch.

AWA Facility Layout


Research Capability

Argonne Cathode Test-stand

The Argonne Cathode Test-stand (ACT) at AWA is a flexible and well-instrumented beamline dedicated to electron source research including field emission, photoemission, and other advanced emission mechanisms.
Research Capability

Cs2Te Deposition Chamber

There are two Cs2Te deposition chambers at AWA. The first chamber is dedicated to the AWA drive beamline. It is a stainless steel UHV chamber with a base pressure of 2×10-10 Torr.
Research Capability

Experimental Beamlines

The 70 MeV Drive and the 15 MeV Witness linacs propagate in opposite directions, and come to a common area designated as the beamline switchyard where each linac can branch out into any of several beamlines where experiments are conducted.
Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Facility