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Argonne has a long history of addressing security challenges in support of federal, state, and local authorities, as well as international multi-lateral organizations (e.g., North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO). Argonne experts include former senior intelligence, law enforcement, and homeland security officials responsible for leading U.S. efforts to detect, assess, and mitigate security threats.

Informing policy, programmatic, and operational decision-makers on national security, homeland security, and law enforcement issues requires objective, targeted, and sophisticated data-gathering and analysis. Argonne applies a diverse suite of tools and technology, as well as substantive expertise in behavioral and infrastructure sciences, making us a unique resource for government and non-government partners as they build resilience to asymmetric threats.

As a national research facility, Argonne integrates the following:

  • High-performance computing,
  • Physics-based models of critical infrastructure systems,
  • Agent-based models,
  • Risk analysis expertise,
  • Behavioral sciences, and
  • Global threat analysis.