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Threat Analysis

Our threat experts understand the goals of adversaries, develop resilience strategies and identify emerging hybrid activities.

The United States faces a broader range of dynamic threats than ever before. Understanding the threats that nation states, terrorist organizations, and radicalized individuals pose to critical infrastructure and resources is a significant national priority.

To address this challenge, we combine unique science and technology expertise with analytic tradecraft to safeguard the nation safer and enhance resilience to natural and human-caused threats.

Our focus areas include:

  • Threat and vulnerability analysis. We are developing and implementing innovative, scientifically-rigorous, threat and vulnerability assessment frameworks, tools and methodologies.
  • Hybrid threat research. We are leveraging crosscutting capabilities from across Argonne to tackle challenges arising from hybrid threats and misinformation campaigns. Our novel scientific capabilities help sponsors understand the capability and intent of adversaries, inform resilience strategies, and identify hybrid activities as they emerge.
  • Emergency preparedness research. We work with federal, state, and local emergency response agencies to deliver training resources and planning tools to help them manage threats more effectively.