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State and non-state actors are combining conventional and unconventional techniques to engage in criminal activity, conduct covert operations, gather intelligence, and project power with the intent to undermine the security of the United States and its allies. Examples include the following:

  • Seeking to exacerbate political tensions and incite violence using online platforms to spread disinformation, misinformation, and mal-information;
  • Using online platforms to incite targeted attacks by disaffected, violence prone individuals;
  • Penetrating and compromising information systems of government and non-government organizations in an effort to misappropriate sensitive information; and
  • Targeting energy, financial and other elements of a nation’s critical infrastructure as part of multidimensional hybrid warfare campaigns.

Combating asymmetric threats requires an all of society” approach, including the following:

  • Recognizing tactics, techniques, and procedures of state and non-state actors that combine physical and virtual activities;
  • Leveraging multi-disciplinary analytic capabilities that blend traditional law enforcement, intelligence, and military expertise with behavioral science and infrastructure science;
  • Employing advanced computing and modeling capabilities to detect threats, test interventions, and develop mitigation strategies; and
  • Expanding partnerships with the general public, private-sector entities, community organizations, and all levels of government.