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Daniel Andujar

METL Experimental Facility Operator


Danny has 13 years of sodium metal operational experience including over four years at Argonne, where he is currently working as an operator in the Experimental Operations and Facilities division.

Danny is skilled in sodium metal decontamination, handling, and transferring. Danny is also QEW II trained and has worked on wiring electrical panels and instrumentation for Mechanisms Engineering Test Loop (METL) — from 24v to 480v for the METL network communication upgrade. He also contributed to the sodium metal transfer into METL system and USV. Danny has worked with the engineers at METL in the Gear Test Article assembly, operating, decontamination, and de-assembly of the system as well as in the construction of the electrical panels and the Theta system.

He attended Daley College, where he obtained an associates of science degree in industrial technology.