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Dave Grabaskas

Group Manager, Licensing & Risk Assessments

Dave Grabaskas is a risk analyst focused on developing innovative risk and reliability assessment techniques for high reliability industries and ventures, such as the advanced nuclear and oil/gas sectors.


Dave Grabaskas researches and applies qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and safety analysis methods. Techniques include fault tree/event tree (probabilistic risk analysis - PRA, quantitative risk analysis - QRA), success paths, FMEA, HAZOPs, reliability block diagrams, and bow tie analysis.

Research areas include:

• Real time risk management
• Passive safety system reliability
• Mechanistic source term assessment
• Risk-based/risk-informed regulations
• Innovative system/component reliability
• Statistical measures of uncertainty quantification


  • ASME/ANS Joint Committee on Nuclear Risk Management (JCNRM)
    • Vice Chair: Probabilistic Risk Assessment Standard for Advanced Non-Light Water Nuclear Power Plants
  • Generation IV International Forum (GIF) Sodium Fast Reactor
    • U.S. Alternate Representative: Safety and Operation Project Management Board 


PhD – Nuclear Engineering (Ohio State University) 2012
Dissertation: Efficient Approaches to the Treatment of Uncertainty in Satisfying Regulatory Limits

MS – Nuclear Engineering (Ohio State University) 2010
Thesis: Analysis of Transient Overpower Scenarios in Sodium Fast Reactors 

BS – Mechanical Engineering (Ohio State University) 2008